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Streamline story point estimation with Agilebin Poker: an intuitive tool for fast, objective task valuation.

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Agilebin Poker

Make story point estimation a breeze with Agilebin Poker! Our intuitive and user-friendly tool streamlines the estimation process, allowing your team to assign values to each task based on complexity. Say goodbye to endless debates and subjective opinions and hello to fast and objective estimation. Try Agilebin Poker today and see the difference it can make for your team!

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Agilebin Poker is very easy to use. No setup or login required. Get started now. Still need more help? Read out comprehensive guide here.

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It is absolutely free tool for unlimited number of members. Create as many meeting as you want. No restrictions, no sign up, no credit cards.

By Scrum Masters

Agilebin Poker is developed by scrum masters for the scrum community. Agilebin poker is made for scrum teams which are not co-located.

How to play Agilebin Poker

Agilebin poker provide free online poker cards for planning for distributed scrum teams. It is easy to use and do not need any setup or login

Start a new meeting

Starting a new meeting is very easy. Go to the agilebin poker page, provide your name and click on Start Meeting button. A new meeting will start. The meeting number will be available at the top. Whoever starts the meeting, becomes facilitator of the meeting. As the facilitator of the meeting, you need to share the meeting number with other team members so that they can join the same meeting.

Join an ongoing meeting

To join a meeting you will need a meeting number of an existing ongoing meeting. Meeting number will be provided to you by the meeting facilitator. To join meeting, go to the agilebin poker page, provide your name and meeting number and click on 'Join Meeting' button. Once you are in meeting, you will see cards of other members who are part of the meeting. Wait for voting to start on a particular story. Once facilitator starts the voting, you can vote by clicking on any story point number of your choice. On successful vote your card will change color and show a tick mark. You can also see, voting status of other members. Only upon voting from everybody in the meeting, the votes will be revealed by turning the cards back to front.

Facilitate a meeting

Whoever starts the meeting becomes facilitator the meeting. Facilitator can see some different screen option (like Story/Task # text box) as compared to other team members. As a facilitator, you can start the voting for a particular story.

Vote on a story

Typically product owner provide a brief of a user story. The development team members discuss the story and clarify any doubts with the product owner. The team members must avoid discussing the story point at this stage to avoid cognitive bias or anchoring. Once everyone ready for estimation, the facilitator can type the story number in the Story/Task # text box and click on Go button. On this action, everybody in the meeting will get the voting button to provide their votes. There is no time limit to provide the vote in the app but facilitator can track the time. Upon successful vote, your card will change color and show a tick mark. You can also see, voting status of other members. Only upon voting from everybody in the meeting, the votes will be revealed by turning the cards back to front. If there are significant differences in the voting then the highest and lowest voters provide their justifications. After a round of discussion, story will be re-voted. This process continues until there is a consensus on the story point estimation. The process is repeated for all the stories one after another.

Leave a meeting/ Ending a meeting

To exit from a meeting, click on the 'Leave' Meeting button at the bottom of the screen. Once you click on the Leave button you will be out the meeting and your card will not be visible to other members in the meeting. Once all members leave the meeting, the meeting will end automatically.

Mobile users

Mobile users may get disconnected from a meeting when the mobile device gets locked during the meeting. Their cards in the meeting will look grayed to other users. To join back the meeting click on 'Join Back' button. Once you join back you will be in consistent with other members in the meeting. If there is a voting going on than should be able to vote. If you join just after the voting complete then your vote will be skipped and you will be able to vote in next round.

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Dominic Hughes
Agile Trainer

"The Agilebin Poker app is an excellent tool for agile teams to estimate their user stories with ease. Its user-friendly interface and customizable features make it easy to use for any team, regardless of their experience with agile estimation."

Steve Peterson
Agile Coach

"As an agile coach, I am always on the lookout for tools that can help my scrum teams work more efficiently and effectively. I recently had the pleasure of using the Agilebin suite of tools for scrum teams, and I must say that I am thoroughly impressed."