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Key Features & Benefits of Agilebin Fist of Five

Agilebin Fist of Five

Free online fist of five voting tool app for agile scrum, SAFe teams. Quick & easy to use confidence vote tool to get team consensus during PI planning meetings.

  • Anonymous voting: team members can vote without revealing their identity, promoting transparency and honesty.
  • Customizable voting options: users can choose from a range of voting options, from 0 (strongly disagree) to 5 (strongly agree), or create their own custom options.
  • Real-time results: teams can see the voting results in real-time, allowing for quick decision-making.
  • History tracking: the app keeps a history of all past votes, allowing teams to track progress over time.

Agilebin Fist of Five Benefits

  • Saves time and resources: the app saves valuable time and resources by allowing team members to quickly and efficiently express their opinions.
  • Promotes transparency and honesty: the anonymous voting feature encourages team members to express their true opinions without fear of repercussions.
  • Improves team collaboration: the app fosters open communication and collaboration among team members.
  • Customizable options: the app can be tailored to the specific needs of each team, promoting flexibility and adaptability.
  • User-friendly interface: the app's intuitive interface makes it easy for teams to use, even for those who are new to agile processes.

Fist of Five Voting

Getting started with Agilebin Fist of Five is very easy. Get started now. Use this tool during the confidence voting during PI planning. Still need more help? Read our comprehensive guide below.

Confidence Vote Tool

Confidence vote tool for unlimited Users. It is free tool for unlimited number of members. Create as many voting sessions as you want. No restrictions, no credit cards required.

PI Planning Voting

Fist of five technique used during SAFe PI planning. Agilebin Fist of Five fulfills all the requirements for this voting. Non co-located SAFe scrum teams can use Agilebin Fist of Five.

Get Started. It's Easy

Simplify your team's decision-making process with Agilebin Fist of Five. Sign up for our free trial today and experience the benefits of efficient and transparent decision-making. With our user-friendly interface and anonymous voting feature, you'll be able to streamline your decision-making process and improve team collaboration in no time. Don't hesitate - get started for free now!

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Kyle Burton
Scrum Master

"The Agilebin Fist of Five app is a simple yet powerful tool for facilitating team decision-making. Its easy-to-use interface and anonymous voting feature promote transparency. I highly recommend this app to streamline the decision-making process. "

Andrew Wang
Development Team Member

"The Agilebin Fist of Five app is user-friendly and easy to set up. It allows team members to quickly share their level of agreement with a proposal or decision by simply selecting a number on their screen, ranging from 0 (strongly disagree) to 5 (strongly agree)."

Get Started. It's Free

Ready to simplify your decision-making process? Get started for free with Agilebin Fist of Five! Our intuitive tool streamlines group decision-making, allowing your team to quickly and easily come to a consensus. Sign up now and experience the power of Agilebin Fist of Five!

How to use Agilebin Fist of Five

What is Fist to Five?

The Fist to Five is a technique for getting feedback or gauging consensus during a meeting. The leader makes a statement. Then asks everyone to show their level of agreement with the statement. Participants hold up a number of fingers, from 5 for wild enthusiasm (Jazz hands!) down to a clenched fist for vehement opposition.

Agilebin Fist of Five is the free online confidence voting tool. It is useful for distributed scrum teams. It is easy to use and do not need any setup or login

Start a new voting session

Starting a new voting session is very easy. After login, click on start Fist of Five voting, provide your question and click on Start Fist of Five Voting button. A new voting session will start. The voting link will be available to copy and share with your team. Whoever start the voting session, becomes facilitator. As the facilitator, you need to share the voting link with other team members so that they can vote.

Facilitate a voting session

Whoever starts the voting session becomes facilitator. Facilitator shares the voting link with the team members. (Optional Step) Facilitator can start the two minutes timer to time box the voting session. At the end of voting session, the facilitator clicks on the Show Voting Results button to display the results.

Provide Your Fist of Five Confidence Vote

Use the link shared by voting facilitator to provide your vote. To provide your vote, select one of the following six option available. Then type your name and submit your vote.

No way! This will not work. I'm not on board.
I see MAJOR issues that we need to resolve.
I see MINOR issues we need to resolve now.
I see minor issues we can resolve later.
I'm fine with this plan as it is. It's a good plan.
I love this! I will champion it. Best plan ever.

Show Voting Results

At the end of voting session, facilitators can show the voting results by clicking on Show Voting Results button. Detailed voting results will be displayed on a new page. Following are the key attributes in the voting results.

Total Votes: Total number of votes provided during the voting session.

Overall Confidence: Overall Confidence provides the summarized confidence level of the team. Overall confidence of the team is determined based on the Overall average of all the votes. Following table provides the criterion to determine the overall confidence.

Overall Average: Overall average of all the votes provided during the voting session.

Overall Average Overall Confidence
0.00 To 0.50
0.51 To 1.50
1.51 To 2.50
2.51 To 3.50
3.51 To 4.50
4.51 To 5.00

Get Started. It's Free

Ready to streamline your team's decision-making process with Agilebin Fist of Five? Sign up for our free trial today and experience the benefits of quick, transparent, and efficient decision-making. With our user-friendly interface and anonymous voting feature, you'll be able to make better decisions and improve team communication in no time. Don't wait - get started for free now!


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