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Useful Tools for Scrum Teams

Agilebin Fist of Five

Agilebin Fist of Five is the online fist of five voting tool for agile and scrum team to build consensus. For remote teams, it is not possible to vote by raising hands. Online Fist of Five makes it easy to conduct voting and also provide the calculated result.

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Agilebin Poker

Scrum teams use a Poker like game for story pointing. Agilebin Poker is the online poker tool for story pointing. Team members can take part in the poker game while working from home or in office. Story pointing secessions using Agilebin Poker is fun and easy.

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Agilebin Retrospective Board

Scrum Teams use the Agilebin Retrospective Board to conduct online retrospective meetings. This is a simple three column retro board. Team members add notes their retro comments. The board shows the real time updates.

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