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Agilebin Daily Scrum

Leverage our tool to streamline daily check-ins, ensuring your team stays aligned and on track. Facilitate clear communication, identify roadblocks early, and promote continuous collaboration. Empower your team to stay focused and productive, adapting swiftly to any changes. Experience the impact of effective daily scrums and unlock your team's full potential with Agilebin Daily Scrum!

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By Scrum Masters

Agilebin Daily Scrum is developed by scrum masters for the scrum community. agilebin Daily Scrum is made for scrum teams which are not co-located.

How to use Agilebin Daily Scrum

Agilebin Daily Check-Ins provides a free, easy-to-use online board for conducting daily standup meetings in distributed Scrum teams.

Start a New Daily Scrum

To initiate a new daily scrum on Agilebin, visit the Agilebin Daily Scrum page, and input your meeting name. Click the "New Entry" button, initiating a new session. The individual initiating the session assumes the role of facilitator and should distribute the session link to team members for participation.

Create a Daily Scrum

Navigate to the Daily Check-Ins module and click on "New Entry." Complete the required fields, including the meeting name and agenda, before saving the session.

Update a Daily Scrum

Access the Daily Check-Ins Register and select the specific meeting requiring updates. Adjust pertinent fields, such as agenda items or discussion topics, then save your alterations.

Accessibility of Daily Check-In Meetings for the Team

To join a daily check-in meeting, team membership and facilitator-provided access are necessary. Visit the Agilebin Daily Check-Ins page to verify meeting accessibility. Once within the session, participants can contribute updates and review contributions from fellow team members.

Your Success Stories

Amanda Hill
Scrum Master

"One of the most critical parts of the scrum process is the daily scrum, where teams reflect on their performance and identify areas for improvement. This is why I was delighted to discover the Agilebin Daily Scrum app."

Isabella Anderson
Scrum Master

"Overall, I highly recommend the Agilebin Daily Scrum app to any scrum team looking to improve their risks process. The app's user-friendly interface and range of features make it an invaluable tool for any team committed to continuous improvement."